EDRM Update – December 2013 – Electronic Discovery

EDRM Update – December 2013

EDRM Update

Welcome to the December issue of EDRM Update!

Issue 4 – December 2013

Happy New Year!

This is an exciting time for EDRM as we reflect on all that our members accomplished in 2013 and as we look forward to 2014.

First, thank you to all of our project leaders and team members who worked so hard to complete a new Talent Task Matrix, Metrics Model, Computer Assisted Review Reference Model (CARRM), Privacy & Security Risk Reduction Model, Collections Standards, Budget Calculators and much more, including new glossaries and white papers.

Thank you as well to our sponsors who helped defray the costs of meetings, website updates and other initiatives. A lot of great knowledge was shared through sponsored webinars; we look forward to hosting more throughout the coming year.

2014 will be a year of transition for EDRM as we continue to work on important projects and updates while migrating the organization to a non-profit entity. Planning for this change is underway and we expect progress to continue in the coming months with completion anticipated by the annual spring meeting.

As the holiday season winds down, we wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


George Socha & Tom Gelbmann


EDRM Year in Review

EDRM Projects

– Collection Standards

In October, the Collection Standards group, formed in May 2013, published its draft Collection Standards. The group is incorporating feedback and will be published an updated version of the Collection Standards.

– Data Set

In May, EDRM’s Data Set group and Nuix republished the EDRM Enron PST Data Set after cleansing it of private, health and personal financial information. Nuix and EDRM also published the methodology Nuix’s staff used to identify and remove more than 10,000 high-risk items at nuix.com/enron.

In September, EDRM’s Data Set group introduced the new EDRM Privacy Risk Reduction Model.

In October, the group renamed model to the EDRM Privacy & Security Risk Reduction Model to reflect the model’s real-world use of reducing risk in areas involving trade secrets, intellectual property or otherwise confidential information. Based on public comments, the group is preparing an update to the model.


The IGRM group and CGOC are preparing a white paper on information governance and the disposition of data.

In December, EDRM hosted a webinar, sponsored by CGOC, “Information Governance by Design.”

– Jobs

In January, EDRM’s Jobs group announced the release of the EDRM Talent Task Matrix diagram and spreadsheet.

– Metrics

In June, EDRM’s Metrics group introduced a new EDRM Metrics Model, replacing the EDRM Metrics Cube

In October, the group published its EDRM Metrics Glossary for public comment and put out a public call for e-discovery budgeting toolkits.

In November, the group published the first version of its Budget Calculators page and updated its Metrics Glossary.

– Model Code of Conduct

Throughout the year organizations and indviduals continued to subscribe to the MCoC, bringing the current total to 78 organizations and 21 individuals.

– Native Files

In May, EDRM created the Native Files group, which is working on  a new ENF (encapsulated native file) standard for the production of native files.

– Search

EDRM participated in “EDRM’s New Computer Assisted Review Reference Model (CARRM)—Beyond the Test Drive,” a webinar hosted by Exterro.


EDRM held its ninth kickoff meeting on May 16-17. Attendee Doug Austin reported on the meeting here and here and attendee Albert Barsocchini reported on it here.

EDRM held its annual fall meeting on October 9-11. The meeting was a remarkable success with several notable outcomes emerging from the event. In addition to progress achieved on current key projects, members and leaders agreed to initiate the process for transforming EDRM into a nonprofit organization.


In April, EDRM and the University of Florida Levin College of Law held “Electronic Discovery for the Small and Medium Case,” which was held both in-person at the UF Law campus and live on-line.


– August

EDRM hosted ”Why Aren’t You Using Technology Assisted Review Yet?“, sponsored by AccessData.

– September

EDRM hosted “New Ways of Seeing: Visual Analytics Comes of Age in E-Discovery,” sponsored by AccessData.

EDRM participated in “EDRM’s New Computer Assisted Review Reference Model (CARRM)—Beyond the Test Drive,” a webinar hosted by Exterro.

– October

EDRM held a webinar sponsored by LexisNexis, “Introducing Concordance Evolution 2.2.1 – Integration with LAW PreDiscovery and LexisNexis Near Dupe!” The recorded version is available at EDRM’s webinar page.

– November

EDRM and the University of Florida Levin College of Law hosted a webinar, sponsored by Nuix, “E-Discovery Processing Made Simple.”

EDRM hosted a webinar, sponsored by AccessData, “Summation 5.0 Showcase – see the modern Summation in action!

– December

EDRM hosted a webinar, sponsored by CGOC, ”Information Governance by Design.”

EDRM hosted a webinar, sponsored by LexisNexis, ”Inside the Newest E-Discovery Software Integrations: LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer and LAW PreDiscovery.”

Member Profile of the MonthMichaelSkypepic2

Michael Lappin, Director of Archiving Technology at Nuix.

EDRM Member since 2008.

EDRM Projects: I started in Search, moved to Metrics and then jumped over to Dataset/Testing.

Why I’m an EDRM member: I am an EDRM member because it gives me access to the Ediscovery industry’s thought leaders and their ideas. It also allows us all a break from the work routines of our “day jobs” where we can get back to what excites us about Ediscovery and disengage from all of the close competition we have to endure everyday.  Finally the culture we have built over the years allows for a ton of creativity and enjoyment.  I have made several lifelong friends participating in EDRM.

Welcome New Model Code of Conduct Subscribers!

Welcome to our newest EDRM Model Code of Conduct subscribers, bringing the total number of subscribing organizations to 78 and subscribing individuals to 21:

Organizational subscribers:

Voluntary registration as a MCoC subscriber indicates that the subscriber pledges to adhere to the principles, corollaries and guidelines set forth in the MCoC. For the complete list of subscribers, click here. To subscribe to the MCoC, click here.

Upcoming EDRM Events

Jan. 23 EDRM webinar sponsored by Nuix, “Evolving eDiscovery Workflows for the Future” register
Jan. 30 EDRM webinar sponsored by AccessData register
Mar. 14 EDRM and University of Florida Levin College of Law E-Discovery Conference register


EDRM Update – December 2013
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